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This special news section highlights current issues affecting the frying/restaurant industries.

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FDA delays trans fat ban

Fox 45 Dayton
Dec. 18, 2013

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is giving companies more time to eliminate trans fats from their processed foods. The FDA said it's extending the public comment period on its determination that trans fats are not safe for use in food.

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GMA, IFT to FDA: We need more time to respond to crackdown on PHOs, artificial trans fats

Food Navigator
Dec. 3, 2013

Food manufacturers have urged the FDA to give them more time to consider its proposal to revoke the GRAS status of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) in a bid to eradicate artificial trans fats from the American diet.

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NRA seeks input on trans fat phaseout

Nov. 25, 2013

The National Restaurant Association is conducting a survey of industry professionals to determine how the Food and Drug Administration’s tentative decision to ban partially hydrogenated oils, the primary source of artificial trans fat in foods, would affect how the industry conducts business.

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Bill would check FDA menu labeling [rules]

The Hill
Nov. 21, 2013

New legislation in the Senate would exempt pizza delivery joints and grocery stores from upcoming federal rules requiring restaurants to post the number of calories in their food.

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The impact and consequences of banning trans fatty acids

Food Technology ePerspective
Nov. 13, 2013

To many the proposed FDA rule to deny GRAS status to partially hydrogenated oil—and thereby in effect banning it from use—would be a great public health benefit. However, this proposed rule is not without consequences to many individuals, so it is critical that this decision is made carefully.

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Study: some 'healthy' vegetable oils may actually increase risk of heart disease

Science Daily
Nov. 11, 2013

Some vegetable oils that claim to be healthy may actually increase the risk of heart disease, and Health Canada should reconsider cholesterol-lowering claims on food labelling, states an analysis in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

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FDA releases draft guide re: acrylamide in foods, comment period open
November 2013

This guidance provides information to help growers, manufacturers, and food service operators reduce acrylamide in certain foods.

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Lawyer: Expect calls for longer comment period on FDA crackdown on trans fats

Food Navigator
Nov. 8, 2013

Food manufacturers are likely to ask for an extension to the 60-day comment period set by the FDA to consider its proposal to revoke the GRAS status of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), a food law attorney has

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FDA news release: FDA takes step to further reduce trans fats in processed foods

Nov. 7, 2013

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced its preliminary determination that partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), the primary dietary source of artificial trans fat in processed foods, are not “generally recognized as safe” for use in food. The FDA’s preliminary determination is based on available scientific evidence and the findings of expert scientific panels.

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FDA ruling would all but eliminate trans fats

New York Times
Nov. 7, 2013

The Food and Drug Administration proposed measures on Thursday that would all but eliminate artery-clogging, artificial trans fats from the food supply, the culmination of three decades of effort by public health advocates to get the government to take action against them.

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No more trans fat: FDA banning the artery-clogger

Associated Press via The Seattle Times
Nov. 7, 2013

Heart-clogging trans fats were once a staple of the American diet, plentiful in baked goods, microwave popcorn and fried foods. Now, mindful of the health risks, the Food and Drug Administration is getting rid of what's left of them for good.

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Put down that doughnut: FDA takes on trans fats

Nov. 7, 2013

So long, margarine: Artificial trans fat in foods may eventually become a thing of the past. The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday took a first step toward potentially eliminating most trans fat from the food supply, saying it has made a preliminary determination that a major source of trans fats -- partially hydrogenated oils -- is no longer "generally recognized as safe."

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Restaurant [is] healthy without government regulations

Source: News Channel 3 Memphis
Nov. 7, 2013

The federal government made the first step today to try to get trans fat out of our diets completely. The idea is to make us healthier but many are questioning if that is a decision the folks in Washington should be making. They want the government to stay out of their frying pans. At The Bistro restaurant prides itself on serving up healthy soul food. Owner Terra Smith says the two can co-exist.

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Taste the difference of no trans fat? Probably not

Associated Press via ABC News
Nov. 7, 2013

What will food without trans fats taste like? You probably already know. Artificial trans fats — widely considered the most dangerous of the so-called bad fats in the American diet — were officially shown the door by the Food and Drug Administration this week, but the truth is most food manufacturers and restaurants started the eviction process years ago.

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The trans fat ban as a model of slow health policy

The Atlantic
Nov. 8, 2013

To some, like the New York Post [FDA’s proposal] is a vicious new outcropping of nanny state-ism. To people who have been following this for the years it's been in the making, it's closing an important loophole. Taking trans fats off the GRAS list won't remove them from the food supply. But it goes a long way toward getting them out.

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Trans fat doesn’t stir much “nanny state” debate

Source: Associated Press via Tulsa World
Nov. 10, 2013

They are among our most personal daily decisions: what to eat or drink. Maybe what to inhale. Now that the government's banning trans fat, does that mean it's revving up to take away our choice to consume all sorts of other unhealthy stuff? Salt? Soda? Cigarettes? In the tug-of-war between public health and personal freedom, the Food and Drug Administration's decision to ban trans fats barely rates a ripple.

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Looking back: When trans fats were healthy

The Atlantic
Nov. 8, 2013

With a new FDA proposal to outlaw trans fats, this may be the end of what was once considered “a great boon to Americans’ arteries.”

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Trans fat ban: How a mayor created a movement

Associated Press via Christian Science Monitor,
Nov. 9, 2013

Trans fats will be phased out of US food, the FDA says. The pressure for a ban on trans fats came from New York's health-conscious mayor.

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FDA chief says menu labeling regulations [are] coming soon

Convenience Store News
Nov. 6, 2013

New regulations regarding menu labeling and calorie information are expected to be released soon, but writing the rules has proved more complicated than expected.

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Adults underestimate calorie counts, survey shows

The Independent Florida Alligator
Nov. 5, 2013

With the passing of a law requiring some restaurants to display the caloric information of their food products, a [University of Florida] survey shows most adults still do not know how many calories they actually need. link:

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New York Times’ Mark Bittman: Deep fried and good for you

New York Times,
Oct. 21, 2013

Fried food is probably not on anyone's lists of healthy eats, but you have to start with this: Fat is good for you. Of course, the key word is moderation. You can eat fat as long as it's high quality and you don't eat it to the exclusion of plants.

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Burger King’s Satisfries boost brand perception among health-focused consumers

NRN Online,
Oct. 8, 2013

Burger King's latest efforts to improve its perception among health-focused consumers has been successful so far and could have more staying power than similar efforts from McDonald's, according to industry watchers.

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Long John Silver’s dumps trans-fat cooking oil

Foodservice Equipment Reports,
Sept. 4, 2013

Long John Silver’s is switching to trans-fat-free cooking oil in its domestic restaurants. By the end of the year, the company says that all of its U.S. locations will use trans-fat-free cooking oil for all fried products.

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Researcher sues FDA to ban trans fat

Courthouse News Service
Aug. 13, 2013

A 98-year-old researcher who specializes in heart disease sued the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for refusing to ban artificial trans fat from the food supply; he claims they cause 100,000 deaths a year and contribute to diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

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$315M price tag on ObamaCare menu labeling

Fox Business
Aug. 22, 2013

Aside from health-care costs, restaurants, grocery stores and delis also need to prepare for another side effect of ObamaCare: menu labeling. The law will require businesses with more than 20 locations to calculate the nutritional content for all food products and post the information on menus and signs.

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In U.S., less than half look at restaurant Nutrition Facts

Gallup Wellbeing
Aug. 9, 2013

Even as more U.S. restaurants list nutritional information on their menus, less than half of Americans, 43%, say they pay a "great deal" or a "fair amount" of attention to it. Americans are much more likely to take note of nutritional labels on food packages, with 68% saying they pay at least a fair amount of attention to this information.

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Get the skinny on fats and oils

The Western Producer
Aug. 1, 2013

The newly released Obesity in Canada report says that one in four Canadians are obese. Now is the time to talk about fats. Link:

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Palm oil in the food supply: What you should know

Northeast Public Radio
July 25, 2013

So what are food manufacturers using instead [of oils with trans fats[? One alternative is palm oil. But it's not an ideal replacement.There are environmental concerns about how palm oil is produced. And what's more, from a health perspective, palm oil is high in saturated fat.

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Commentary: Getting into the calorie-count habit

San Jose Mercury News
July 24, 2013

Ignore the claims that easy-to-see calorie counts don't make an impact on consumers' food choices. It's too soon to tell.

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Strictest trans fat ban in country enacted in Chelsea, Mass.

NRA News & Research
July 16, 2013

The city of Chelsea, Mass. has voted to enact the harshest trans fat ban in the country. All other cities that have implemented trans fat bans have allowed for trace amounts of artificial trans fat in food, but Chelsea will prohibit it completely.

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Commentary: Menu labeling plan is costly and ineffective

Monterey Herald,
July 7, 2013

Republicans and Democrats are engaged in serious discussions about the policy reforms needed to achieve economic growth, create jobs and reduce deficits. A number of important opportunities exist for Congress to provide regulatory relief. Menu labeling represents one example of a regulation that threatens to impose significant costs without delivering meaningful value.

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Restaurant review: French Fry Heaven puts the french fry front and center

June 24, 2013

For many quick-service restaurants, french fries are low on the innovation priority list, one of multiple side options that accompany the all-important main dish. But for Scott Nelowet, CEO and founder of French Fry Heaven, french fries are the main event, a menu item with endless possibilities

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[International] Codex Committee on food labeling considers claims for trans fats

IDFA Headline News
June 19, 2013

The committee considered a variety to proposals for new international labeling regulations and claims about levels of specific nutrients in foods, such as no-added sugar, salt and trans fatty acids. (Editors’ note: While this article is written from the dairy industry’s perspective, it also contains general information on this meeting that is relevant to fit frying. To date, no media outlets have reported on the committee’s meeting.)

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Making sense of fats for cooking and food preparation

Health News Digest
June 12, 2013

Saturated, unsaturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated? Olive, canola, soy, Malaysian palm fruit oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil or animal fats (beef tallow, lard) - which are the healthier choices? The answers may surprise you.

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Study: Restaurants don't contribute majority of calories

National Restaurant Association
June 12, 2013

The majority of Americans’ caloric intake comes from food purchases made at supermarkets, grocery and convenience stores, a new study has found. The study determined that food purchased from restaurants accounts for between 17 percent and 26 percent of Americans’ total caloric intake, based on age group.

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Study: Vegetable fats tied to less prostate cancer spread

Reuters via Chicago Tribune
June 10, 2013

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, men who eat a diet high in vegetable fats, such as those in nuts and olive oil, may be less likely to have their disease spread, a new study suggests.

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Restaurant review: Pomme Frites is Belgian for fried revolution

June 6, 2013

Calling all fried food fans, Pommes Frites has one word for you: fries. Specializing in everything ‘authentic Belgian fries,’ Pommes Frites is not your typical food joint. It has created a must-try fried innovation. And the shop’s name, Pommes Frites, means exactly that—fries.

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America’s best french fries

U.S. News & World Report
June 3, 2013

Which eateries make the cut as America's finest potato handlers? Using tips from culinary experts and hungry diners, U.S. News Travel has tracked down 11 places where spuds get the respect they deserve. Whether you're a flavor innovator or a french fry purist, these eateries are consistently recognized by food critics and foodies alike for their tantalizing taters.

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Evidence of health benefits of canola oil

Nutrition Reviews
June 2013

Growing scientific evidence supports the use of canola oil, beyond its beneficial actions on circulating lipid levels, as a health-promoting component of the diet.

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Could fried food be healthy? (Yes!)

Fox 23 (Maine)
May 30, 2013

Wish you could enjoy fried food, without feeling guilty? Go ahead! A recent Spanish study found it might not be all that bad for you after all. Of course, there's a caveat.

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Study: Menu labeling leads to baby steps toward healthier eating

May 29, 2013

Eighteen months after King County, Wash., chain restaurants were required to post nutrition information, customers are eating 38 fewer calories – or the equivalent of one-tenth of a chili cheese burrito from Taco Bell – per meal. And, local health advocates say that’s progress.

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66% of foods containing trans-fats have been reformulated, but progress is slowing: Harvard study

Food Navigator
May 23, 2013

Industry efforts to reduce and/or remove trans fats from food products have led to progress, but this progress is slowing, and the industry must continue its effort to reformulate, says a new report from Harvard School of Public Health.

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Have dietary fats been needlessly vilified?

Advances in Nutrition
May 2013

A research review finds that saturated fats per se may not be responsible for many of the adverse effects with which they have been associated. 

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Grocer blowback delays Obama's restaurant calorie display rules

May 20, 2013

The Food Marketing Institute, lobbyist for grocers including Kroger Co. and Safeway Inc., is calling on President Barack Obama to curtail a U.S. health law provision that mandates the companies display the calorie content of all their foods.

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As grocers, restaurants bicker, many menus still lack calorie counts

Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel
May 19, 2013

Three years after Congress voted to require it, you still won't find calories listed on the menus of most restaurant chains. The problem? The federal government has yet to write the specific rules to carry out the law, in part because supermarkets are balking at it.

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Why lard’s healthier than you think

Toronto Star
May 14, 2013

This old school grease was vilified when animal fats were turfed in favour of plant-based oils. But could this ostracized high-calorie food actually be healthy?

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From beer to bubble gum, chefs get creative with their deep fried dishes

New York Daily News
May 10, 2013

The State Fair of Texas is known as the Fried Food Capital of Texas, but it may well be the fried food capital of the world. The fair has held an annual "friendly food fight" among concessionaires called the Big Tex Choice Awards contest since 2005. Trophies are awarded for the best tasting and most creative dishes."

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Third Circuit [Court] holds that "no trans fat" doesn't have to mean no trans fat

Product Liability Monitor
May 10, 2013

For anyone who checks labels when buying food products, the statement “No Trans Fats” does not always mean no trans fats, and that is not misleading according to the Third Circuit.

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Nutritional information slow to arrive on menus [in Washington county]

Herald Business Journal
May 6, 2013

About one out of every seven restaurants in King County [Wash.] list nutritional information about each menu item, including how much fat, salt, and calories are in each serving. The requirement, which went into effect in 2010, requires chain restaurants with 15 or more locations to provide the information.

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Clearing up confusion about differences between types of fats

Norman (Okla.) Transcript
May 8, 2013

Q: I get confused when I see the different types of fats on the nutrition facts label. What are the differences and which ones are the best for my health? A: We typically see …

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The art of frying

New York Times Diners Journal
May 7, 2013

Many modern cooks have never learned to fry. We are convinced that fried food is unhealthy, unpopular and messy. But Norman King, a lifelong Southerner, a registered dietitian and a food editor at Southern Living, is out to change that.

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Bacon corndogs, fried bubble gum top list of wild new midway food at Calgary Stampede

Calgary Sun
May 2, 2013

The Stampede announced 31 new treats Thursday that will be offered up at this year’s Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth, including several deep fried delicacies and, in true Stampede fashion, snack foods on sticks.

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Texas Restaurant Industry Supports Bill To Ban Use Of Trans Fats

Texas Public Radio
April 30, 2013

Much like laws in the other states that ban restaurants and food eateries from using trans fats, Texas senators are now considering a similar measure in House Bill 1359.  

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Finding the best fried chicken in Vegas

Las Vegas Weekly
April 24, 2013

Crispy-crunchy-savory perfection on the outside, succulently juicy goodness on the inside. That’s what makes fried chicken the official best food of all time. I’m obsessed with it, and my awesome chicken quest will never end. Here are my favorite local versions of the greatest comfort dish ever to exist.

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The best of Denver's fried food
April 19, 2013

To go along with Denver's best burgers in honor of Burger Week, Eater scoured the city for the best fried foods. And because fried food is irresistible, we included some fried stuff that one would eat without the burgers.

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French Fry Heaven looks to capitalize on snacking trend

April 17, 2013

Look out pretzels, popcorn and cookies, there's a new player in the quick-service snack space. And it just so happens this concept offers one of America's favorite fast food staples — french fries.

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[California] trans fat ban becomes law

San Gabriel Valley (Calif.) Tribune
April 17, 2013

California on Friday became the first state to prohibit restaurants from using artery-clogging trans fats in preparing their food. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation that will ban restaurants and other retail food establishments from using oil, margarine and shortening containing trans fats.

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The truth about trans fats, HFCS & sodium

April 15, 2013

Three ingredients have shouldered much of the blame for the nation's growing health woes. But is the finger-pointing justified? Dr. Ruth Kava isn't concerned with the hype or hyperbole, emotion or ideology. She's after one result: scientific accuracy.

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Researchers ask: What’s left to discover about trans fat?

Food Navigator
April 4, 2013

Further research on artificial trans fat and heart health is not necessary, claim the authors of a new review – but there is a need for more research in several other areas related to trans fat.

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World Health Organization: Banning trans fat is good health policy

MedPage Today
April 3, 2013

Policies aimed at reducing levels of trans fats in food can be effective without increasing levels of total fat, a systematic review shows.

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Southern fried classics get a modern look

NBC Today Show
April 1, 2013

Chef, Registered Dietitian and cookbook author Norman King visits NBC’s Today Show to cook up classic Southern dishes, from salad to dessert. (Editor’s note: And he does it with fit frying flair!)

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Menu labeling: What’s taking so long?

Restaurant Hospitality
April 1, 2013

Researchers say the rule that will specify where and how nutritional information will be displayed on menus—already three years in the making—might benefit from a rewrite.

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Could fried food be healthy?

Fox 14
March 30, 2013

Wish you could enjoy fried food, without feeling guilty? Go ahead! A recent Spanish study found it might not be all that bad for you after all. (Editor’s note: This study reinforces the importance of following the 5 Factors of Fit Frying.)

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Awaiting the next generation of fats and oils

Food Processing
March 27, 2013

Oils and fats provide some essential flavors and functions in food processing, and those attributes are usually juxtaposed against cost concerns when a food processor selects one of these products for an application. During the past decade, however, a larger issue has come to the forefront.

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The secret to olive oil’s anti-Alzheimer’s powers

Smithsonian Smart News
March 22, 2013

People living in the Mediterranean have a much lower risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease than those of us stuck in other parts of the world. Researchers … attributed olive oil’s disease-fighting power to high amounts of monounsaturated fats. But now, however, new research shows that a natural substance found in olive oil called oleocanthal is the real hero.

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Canola, high-oleic canola oils reduce belly fat in adults
March 25, 2013

Canola and high-oleic canola oils can lower abdominal fat when used in place of other selected oil blends in a heart-healthy diet for weight maintenance, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s EPI/NPAM 2013 Scientific Sessions in New Orleans on March 21.

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NRA: Labeling law should also apply to supermarkets

Supermarket News
March 25, 2013

After a bill was reintroduced last week that would exempt grocery stores and convenience stores from labeling prepared foods with nutrition information, the National Restaurant Association announced the group opposes the new legislation.

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FMI: Menu labeling must exclude grocery stores

Supermarket News
March 22, 2013

The Food Marketing Institute has reinforced its position on calorie-count menu labeling — that the federal Food and Drug Administration’s menu labeling regulations should not extend to grocery stores. At a press conference held near the Capitol yesterday, FMI underscored its support of a bill, H.R. 1249, known as "The Commonsense Nutrition Disclosure Act,” that was reintroduced in Congress yesterday.

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EU margarine industry sets stricter trans fat standards
March 19, 2013

The trade association representing margarine and vegetable fats makers in the EU has tightened its Code of Conduct for the third time since 1995, in an effort to reduce trans fat levels in foods and fats at retail.

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Are Millenials to blame for potential chicken wing shortage?
March 15, 2013

Typically, share worthiness and participation are thought about in the context of how Millenials discuss brands online. But share worthiness and participation take a different form when it comes to chicken wings.

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Olive oil health benefit: Makes you feel full, boosts mood

Medical Daily
March 14, 2013

Olive oil, when compared to other natural oils and fats, has the greatest effect in making people feel full -- another health benefit suggesting that it can help people lose weight, or at least avoid gaining more.

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Videos: Potato 101
March 2013

Learn how to make french fries and curly fries, and how to deep fry potatoes. Thanks to partner Idaho Potato Commission for this content.

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Potato parties: Lessons from the viral sensation turned nightmare

American Express Open Forum
March 11, 2013

It’s every small-business owner’s dream: for your business to go viral through social media so everybody knows about you. But what happens when the dream turns into a nightmare—when too many people know about your business, you can’t keep up with demand for your product, crowds get out of hand and other customers get turned off?

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[Nevada] restaurants, retailers line up against bill to require nutrition information posting

Associated Press via Las Vegas Sun
March 6, 2013

Many of Nevada’s chain restaurants, grocery stores, vending machines and convenience stores would need to label the nutritional information of their food under a bill proposed at the Nevada Legislature.

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FDA head says menu labeling ‘thorny’ issue

Associated Press via Fox News
March 12, 2013

Diners will have to wait a little longer to find calorie counts on most restaurant chain menus, in supermarkets and on vending machines. Writing a new menu labeling law "has gotten extremely thorny," says the head of the Food and Drug Administration, as the agency tries to figure out who should be covered by it.

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Olive oil's high-oleic rivals are mounting

The Olive Oil Times
February 27, 2013

Look out, olive oil. Production of high-oleic acid soybean oil is set to rise 20-fold in less than five years and biotech giants Monsanto and DuPont expect food industry demand to grow fast.

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Flavor trends: Eyes on the fries

Flavor & The Menu's Flavor Trends
February 2013

Beloved fries and tots are taking another turn in the limelight, this time nestling under flavorful sauces and bold toppings.

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Revamped offers more resources to promote healthier frying
February 21, 2013 has been updated so that it can offer more resources to foodservice operators who want to fry more healthfully, while still meeting consumer demand for fried foods. Reflecting the high level of attention being given to the topic of healthier frying, the revamped website allows the FitFrying Partnership to focus on providing those resources that operators need most, in the formats they want most.

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Kettle chips are back at Cowboy Chicken, by customer demand
February 15, 2013

Cowboy Chicken, the seven-unit Dallas-based, fast-casual, wood-fire rotisserie chicken brand announced it has brought back its made-to-order hot crispy Kettle Chips due to customer demand.

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Mississippi lawmakers say no to local food regulation
February 13, 2013

No one's trying to take away supertanker-sized soda drinks in Mississippi, but state lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday to make sure they never do. House Bill 1182 would prohibit counties and cities from creating food regulations such as requiring nutritional labeling at restaurants, banning junk foods and keeping toys out of meals.

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Idaho Potato Commission announces Heart Smart recipe contest

The Packer
February 11, 2013

With a $2,500 grand prize to the winner, the Idaho Potato Commission has announced the start of a Heart Smart Recipe Contest. The contest, with help from fitness guru Denise Austin, began Feb. 8 on and will run through Feb. 24.

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Fried food meets opera at Florida park

February 7, 2013

The cast of Opera Tampa performed for a hungry crowd earlier this week during the mayor's monthly Food Truck Fiesta. As the audience devoured some of the best fried delectables in the city, they were treated to Verdi, Puccini, and many other classics by a talented crew.

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[Pittsburgh] Health Department highlighting trans fat-free restaurants

CBS Pittsburgh KDKA Channel 2
January 23, 2013

Whether you're cooking up some fries, sautéing vegetables, or frying some fish, what you cook it in can make a big difference for your health… Now, the Health Department is reporting which new local restaurants use trans fat-free cooking oils.

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Wing Zone Wants Women to Take a Skinny Dipper
January 23, 2013

With many diners across the country still trying to make good on their New Year's resolutions to stick to a healthier diet, Wing Zone is trying to cash in on their hard-fought efforts. Its newest chicken product, Skinny Dippers—unbreaded, 100 percent white chicken breast that's fried and flavored-fused in one of the brand's 17 flavors—plays up this health angle.

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Chelsea (Mass.) [Board of Health] to review postponement of trans-fat ban
January 16, 2013

The City of Chelsea Board of Health will review a regulation adopted in 2011, but whose enforcement has been postponed, that bans the use of artificial trans fat in products sold by food establishments. The BOH will take up the matter at their next regular meeting scheduled for February 19 at 5:30PM at Chelsea City Hall. The ban would require food establishments to discontinue the use of artificial trans fats that can often be found in vegetable oils, butter substitutes, shortening, margarine, cake mixes and frosting.

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The Decline of Trans Fats

UCBerkeley Wellness Alerts
January 15, 2013

It’s been seven years since the FDA began requiring all packaged foods to list trans fats on nutrition labels. Now, health benefits are beginning to appear.

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Consumers Crave More Potato Products, Datassential Says
January 12, 2013

Recent consumer potato consumption trends point to significant growth opportunities for the U.S. potato industry, according to new research unveiled at Potato Expo 2013.

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Bar Bites: Chicken-Fried Steak Nuggets with Beer and Bourbon Gravy
January 2013

When I need a chicken-fried fix, I forego the hefty sides altogether and instead opt for a cold beer because, sometimes, a beer is the only side dish you need for chicken-fried steak.

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